Ten lessons to teach youth

The women of the Church have a "vital and irreplaceable role in raising up the 'greatest generation of missionaries' the Church has ever had," Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve said May 2 during the morning general session of BYU Women's Conference.

In speaking of the battle for the souls of mankind, Elder Ballard continued: "While the leaders of the Church are deeply and profoundly grateful for the many members of the Church who are doing great things in the battle for truth and right, I must honestly tell you that it is still not enough. We look to you, the women of Zion who have such a profound impact upon your sons and daughters, to help prepare them for service in the greatest battle of all."

Elder Ballard shared 10 things to to teach youth to help them be better prepared for a lifetime of service: 1. "Understanding and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ, His Atonement and His love for everyone. 2. Developing a meaningful prayer relationship with Heavenly Father. . . . 3. Giving the Lord more time by studying and gaining an in-depth understanding of the marvelous message of the Restoration. . . . 4. Keeping the Sabbath day holy. . . . 5. Working and putting earnings in a savings account for a mission. . . . 6. Paying a full and honest tithe. . . . 7. Limiting the amount of time spent playing computer and other electronic games. . . . Limit time watching television, movies and videos. . . . 8. Accepting responsibility for decisions, mastering self-control and obedience to God's commandments. 9. Learning not to waste time. . . . 10. Recognizing the prompting of the Spirit."

Elder Ballard added: "It is not possible for you not to have influence, my dear sisters. The only question is how far-reaching and how righteous your influence will be."