Three principles to help youth

Sharing three foundational principles that can help prepare young men and young women to fully serve the Lord, Anne C. Pingree, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, addressed the May 2 morning general session.

  • “Be meticulously obedient and faithful.”
  • “Be committed to the principles of hard work and sacrifice.
  • Discipleship requires hard work, self-discipline and sacrifice. We model these principles as we teach them to our children.”
  • “Be covenant makers and covenant keepers. . . .
  • Power and wisdom are what we need as we teach our children early about the covenants they make at baptism. We can discuss with them, pray with them, and foster understanding of the Savior and His mission. Our privilege and covenantal responsibility is to stand as His witnesses in the world. Again, it is the simple, consistent practices that lay the strong foundation. Your testimony and beliefs shared with your children will help them establish a pattern of their own belief and testimony.”