Improving young lives

ACCRA, Ghana — An extensive repair project at Borstal Institution, a juvenile detention facility here, has improved the lives of young inmates. Through the mutual cooperation of LDS Charities, which provided the materials and donated medical supplies and equipment, the inmates themselves built and painted bookshelves, desks and chairs and made numerous repairs to a new library building and wood-working shop, as well as other facilities.

At a June 26 celebration marking the end of the project, many of the inmates and institution officers expressed gratitude for LDS Charities. "I'm so happy and delighted to accept in behalf of the inmates and the officers of Ghana Prison Services these wonderful gifts," said Nai Alhaji, deputy director of prisons. "We are overwhelmed with all these tools, sewing machines and all the other tools and medical supplies, too numerous to imagine. The Borstal Institution will never forget you. I am grateful to all members of the Church."

The project was designed to work hand in hand with the established goals of Borstal already in place to help the young offenders to be rehabilitated and return to society better able to be useful and self-reliant citizens of Ghana. Borstal is working with 142 young men to plan for a useful future.

Elder Neil Darlington, representing LDS Charities, said during the celebration: "This has been an exciting project. With our limited resources, we have used the funds to go to the boys to help them help themselves to do as much as they can with their own hands. Set your standards high and lengthen your stride."