New stake presidents

New stakes have been created in the Dominican Republic and in Utah.

The Kaysville Utah Haight Creek Stake, which includes the Fox Pointe, Windridge, Hess Farms, Haight Bench, South Bench, Baer Creek and Highlands wards, has been created by Elder Robert S. Wood of the Seventy.

The Ogden Utah University 2nd Stake, which includes the Ogden University 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th and 16th wards, has been created by Elder Merrill C. Oaks of the Seventy.

The Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Las Caobas Stake, which includes the Altagracia, Bayona, Buenos Aires, Hato Nuevo, Las Caobas, Las Palmas and Villa Aura wards, and the Herrera 3rd Branch, has been created by Elder H. Aldridge Gillespie of the Seventy.

New stakes

KAYSVILLE UTAH HAIGHT CREEK STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2003) Created from the Farmington Utah Oakridge Stake. President — Scott Richard Crapo, 48, administrative director of LDS Public Affairs; wife, Susan Patricia Regenthal Crapo. Counselors — Kyle S. McKay, 43, vice president at Smith's Food and Drug; wife, Jennifer Stone McKay. Bradley Carl Volmar, 49, director of employee relations at DMBA; wife, Jenlyn Jacox Volmar.

OGDEN UTAH UNIVERSITY 2ND STAKE: (Nov. 9, 2003) Created from the Ogden Utah University Stake. President — George Blake Wahlen, 45, project manager for Boyer Company; wife, Jana Lee Beus Wahlen. Counselors — Kenneth Lynn Warnick, 59, business developer at R & O Construction; wife, Julie Searle Warnick. Rick R. Lifferth, 54, real estate appraiser; wife, Kathryn Murray Lifferth.

SANTO DOMINGO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC LAS CAOBAS STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2003) President — Ruddy Emilio Monegro Gomez, 37, sales representative; wife, Norys Medina de Monegro. Counselors — Jorge Luis Cuevas Felix, 34, operation manager for the MTC; wife, Vicky Claribel Velez de Cuevas. Oscar David Amparo, 36, director for the Church Educational System; wife, Sonia Margarita Perdomo de Amparo.

Stake reorganizations

ATLIXCO MEXICO STAKE: (Nov. 9, 2003) President — Alfonso Popoca Cuautle, 39, refrigeration technician; succeeding Hector Garcia Ceballos; wife, Beatriz Ramos Lezama de Popoca. Counselors — Paulo Lopez Hidalgo, 40, pharmacy manager; wife, Josefina Melo Navarro de Lopez. Simon Romualdo Robelo Guevara, 39, business owner; wife, Argelia Eloina Estrada Ramirez de Robelo.

JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA EAST STAKE: (Nov. 16, 2003) President — Gene Renford Patch, 50, dentist; succeeding Joel Whiting Warner; wife, Sarah Ann Murdock Patch. Counselors — Gaylon Blaine Vorwaller, 49, computer program; wife, Madonna Lynn Clark Vorwaller. Brett Howard Pielstick, 43, vice president at Parsons; wife, Carla Wilson Pielstick.