Church leader receives government medal

SAMFORD, Australia — Elder Robert M. Cowan, an Area Authority Seventy, was recently awarded with a Centenary Medal from the Australian Prime Minister and Governor-General in recognition of his service with the community through religion.

Elder Cowan said he was both "surprised and honored" to receive such a nomination, and that in fact he felt he was truly receiving the nomination on behalf of the Church and its members in Australia.

"I think the award is really for the Church to thank its members in Australia for the work that we do to contribute to a better society. Government leaders are well aware of the positive role that our members play in society, and this is their way of saying thank you for our contribution to Australian society."

The Centenary Medal commemorates the centenary of Australian federation and is designed to honor the contribution made to Australian society and government by its citizens. Recipients are required to be nominated by their commonwealth, state or territory governments.

The medal features the seven-pointed commonwealth star representing Australia's states and territories becoming one. Inscribed around the inner rim are the words "For Contribution Made to Australian Society."