‘Little did I know’

TACOMA, Wash. — One night before Christmas while walking out of a friend's home, Jefferson Wright was approached by two missionaries who handed him a "Joy to the World" Pass Along card. The card offered a free DVD of a special Christmas presentation prepared by the Church's Missionary Department.

"Feeling open minded, and thinking I could be sent a free video, I gladly accepted the card," said Mr. Wright.

A short time later, Mr. Wright was walking to his mail box when he noticed a different set of missionaries walking his direction. "I thought I told you guys to mail the video," he said.

"Well, sir," said a missionary, "I don't know about that, but can we come talk about Jesus Christ?"

"Sure, but I'm Lutheran," Mr. Wright responded. "They'll never break these walls down," he thought to himself.

"Little did I know," continued Mr. Wright, "that my wife had started praying two weeks earlier for God to lead us to a church in our new community. Elders Barry Schwitters and Scott Olsen beat me on every turn, answered all my questions and poured out fact after fact. It was like playing connect the dots as the picture became clear.

"After hearing this wonderful message of the Restoration, I felt home again. Questions that were 'mysteries' were answered with clear, concise biblical passages and the assured faith of our two missionaries.

"Thank you, missionaries, for going out on the front lines and getting the message to us."

  • Jefferson Wright and his wife, Maya, were baptized Dec. 27, 2003. They are members of the Soundview Ward, Tacoma Washington South Stake.