New stake presidents

A new stake has been created in Nicaragua.

The Jinotepe Nicaragua Stake, with includes the Jinotepe, La Concepcion, Las Villas, Nandaime and San Marcos wards, and the Diriamba, Masatepe and Rosario branches, has been created by Elder W. Douglas Shumway of the Seventy.

Jinotepe Nicaragua Stake: (May 9, 2004) Created from the Carazo Nicaragua District. President — Moises Antonio Campos Obando, 44, owner of transportation business; wife, Nelly del Carmen Campos de Tellez. Counselors — Carlos Manuel Cruz, 30, taxi driver; wife, Ana Luis Cruz de Rodriguez. Javier Antonio Aburto Torres, 27, supervisor; wife, Carla Patricia Aburto de Gutierrez.

Centreville Virginia Stake: (May 16, 2004) President — Steven Lyle Hilton, 51, president and CEO of Hilton Consulting Corp.; wife, Heidi Echo Firl Hilton. Counselors — Jon Erik Dionne, manager/systems engineer for RDA Inc.; wife, Lisa Ann Barrus Dionne. Darrell Wade Bott, 52, U.S. Department of State; wife, Marlene Wardle Bott.

Juneau Alaska Stake: (April 25, 2004) President — Garth Mangum Hamblin, 45, hospital CFO; wife, Sandra Lynne Berger Hamblin. Counselors — Ferral Don Huntsman, 47, analyst/programmer for state of Alaska; wife, Karen Sue Petersen Huntsman. John Frank Bringhurst Jr., 60, CEO Petersburg Medical Center; wife, Jeanne Taylor Bringhurst.

La Grande Oregon Stake: (May 16, 2004) President — Wayne Jack Orton, 61, controller for Northwood Manufacturing; wife, Barbara Jane (Janie) Etter Orton. Counselors — Duane D. Baxter, 52, math teacher; wife, Christine Sue Larsen Baxter. Richard John Scrivner, 48, self employed contractor; wife, Barbara Jeanne Gibbons Scrivner.

Mount Vernon Virginia Stake: (May 16, 2004) President — William Nixon Holladay, 45, chairman and president of Policy Impact Strategic Communications; wife, Tamera McDonald Nixon. Counselors — Oris Fonz Allen, 60, senior systems architect; wife, Linda Gail Eicke Allen. Mark Alan Austin, 42, specialist for World Bank; wife, Andrea Jones Austin.

Houston Texas South Stake: (May 16, 2004), President — S. Gifford Nielsen, 49, television sports director for KHOU; wife, Wendy Kay Olson Nielsen. Counselors — W. David Blake, 49, regional vice president for CIGNA; wife, Dodie Jane Vidmar Blake. John David Oldroyd, 57, geologist for BP; wife, Joan Dudley Oldroyd.

Idaho Falls Idaho Stake: (May 23, 2004), President — John B. Murdoch, 54, school superintendent; wife, Marie Brady Murdoch. Counselors — Douglas J. Hammond, 56, insurance agent; wife, Marilyn Sarah Hill Hammond. Dean Arnoldsen, 59, school teacher; wife, LaRayne Baum Arnoldsen.

Kaysville Utah South Stake: (May 23, 2004) President — Scott A. Thredgold, 52, purchasing manager for the Church; wife, Patricia Lee Harrison Thredgold. Counselors — Christopher L. Martineau, 49, owner of CL Martineau Homes; wife, Sherrie Lee Holmes Martineau. Marc L. Lee, 47, vice president of media and research for Bonneville Communications; wife, Julie Cottrell Lee.

Maracaibo Venezuela Stake: (April 25, 2004) President — Vinicio Enrique Carrillo Chourio, 34, director General Divertida FM; wife, Vicky Janeth Boscan Chacin de Carrillo. Counselors — Omar J. Ortiz Perozo, 33, sales manager; wife, Colina Luisa Merucles Gonzalez. Nelvis E. Montoya F., 30, director; wife, Alexandra del Carmen Aponte Anape.