Living by the scriptures

I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them. — 1 Nephi 3:7

When the bishop called me to be the new Relief Society president, I burst into tears.

I could think of dozens of reasons why I should say "no." I was a young mother in my twenties with three preschoolers. My husband was gone for weeks at a time with his job. I had no one to babysit my children while I attended meetings. We couldn't afford to hire a sitter. We were new in town. I still got lost driving to the grocery store. I hardly knew the ward members or where they lived. I'd never served in the Relief Society before and had no idea what to do. How could I possibly take on this responsibility?

The bishop asked me to pray about it and give him an answer in a few days.

I went home and pleaded with the Lord to reconsider. Couldn't He postpone this for a while . . . maybe until my kids had gone off to college?

"Heavenly Father, this is a hard thing You are asking of me," I sighed.

Then I remembered how Laman and Lemuel had murmured when they were asked to get the brass plates. Nephi willingly accepted the challenge when he said, "I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded. . . ."

That was my answer. If I would have a willing heart, the Lord would prepare a way so I would be able to fulfill my responsibilities.

The Lord did help me as I served as the Relief Society president. I never could have done it without Him.

— Annette Alger, Enterprise, Utah