‘What not to wear’

LOGAN, Utah — Priesthood and auxiliary leaders in the Logan Utah East Stake combined Aug. 28 to present "Modesty and Today's Fashions," an activity focused on teaching young women and girls "what not to wear." The young women, Primary girls ages 8 and older, mothers and others gathered in the stake center where Lundstrom Park 2nd Ward Bishop J. Greg Lambert showed a multi-media presentation focused on going to the temple and how modesty will help assure getting there. The presentation included young men in the stake and their feelings about dating young women who dress modestly. Stake President Jay Monson concluded the chapel portion of the event by outlining the special booklets the Church has to help youth in today's world.

The group then moved to the cultural hall for brunch, a skit and a fashion show featuring young women and Primary girls in school wear, casual dress, Church attire and appropriate wedding dresses. Petitions were also available for signing to be sent to local clothing stores asking for a wider selection of modest clothing.