General Conference Sunday afternoon session: Elder H. Bryan Richards

Quorums of the Seventy

A testimony of the truth and power of the Book of Mormon began with the example of a worthy father.

"(My father's) love of the Book of Mormon and his counsel to me to study and ponder over it were the beginning of a journey with that sacred record that is the foundation of my personal testimony today. It is a journey each of us must take."

The testimony seeded by his father culminated as a "young missionary in the Great Lakes Mission when I came to that great knowledge and absolute testimony that the Book of Mormon is another witness of another nation, that Jesus is the Christ and this church is true."

From its inception, Satan has fought against the coming forth and dissemination of the Book of Mormon. The answer to his opposition lies in the promises made in the introduction to the book: that those who read it and are converted to its truth will come to know Jesus Christ; that Joseph Smith is a true prophet called to establish the church in the last days; and that the church is the Lord's kingdom established anew on the Earth preparatory to the Second Coming of the Savior.

"The reason Satan has fought and continues to fight against the Book of Mormon is because of these three divine truths. He does not want us to come to that sacred knowledge.

"I will ever be grateful for my father." The early testimony gained through that association became a "divine witness" in adulthood.