BYU-Idaho to host winter commencement

REXBURG, Idaho — For the first time in the history of the school, BYU-Idaho will hold graduation ceremonies in December. The historic fall semester graduation will be held Dec. 11, which is the Saturday before final exam week. The semester officially ends Dec. 17.

Roy Huff, graduation committee chairman, said all students will still be required to take finals following graduation. "We regret that graduation cannot be scheduled at another time due to the traveling schedule of the General Authority who will preside at graduation," he said. "In future years, we hope to move graduation to the end of finals week."

With the addition of a December commencement, students will now be able to participate in a graduation ceremony upon completion of their classes. In the past, commencements have only been held in April and August.

Brother Huff said the change is necessitated by the innovative track system that has some students on the summer-fall track. Other students are on the fall-winter and winter-summer tracks.