Living by the scriptures

But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. — Matthew 4:4

When my husband was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1977, the members of our ward wanted to hold a fast for him. Fasting had always been a difficult experience for me, and I doubted my ability to complete the fast with the ward members. But I wanted to participate. After the meeting on Sunday, I was struggling with continuing my fast, and didn't think I could go on. I called my eldest brother on the phone and confided my desire and challenge. He counseled me to pray and I would receive strength.

I went to my room, closed the door, and knelt and prayed. I let go of trying to do it alone, and reached up for help. After praying, I sat quietly on the floor next to the bed and listened. I was impressed to read Matthew 4:4. At the time I received that impression, I had no idea what was in the chapter and verse. Nevertheless, I acted and read.

I knew I could continue, and great strength and peace came upon me.

Later that evening I had the privilege of seeing my husband's happy shining face when I sat next to him on his hospital bed and told him that I had completed my fast for him. I broke the fast at his side by requesting a dinner tray when his evening meal arrived. The joy we shared that night, and the Spirit felt in the room as we prayed before that meal, I will never forget. It was a gift to both of us, and became a bonding experience which we both needed before he passed away five months later.

The greatest gift I received through that experience is the knowledge that I could receive answers in the scriptures. Being led to Matthew 4:4 after my earnest prayer was my first experience in being led directly to help in the scriptures, but it has been repeated many, many times for me. I bear my testimony that we will receive answers and guidance in all areas of our lives, as we search the scriptures, pray and listen. We will receive personally from the scriptures, comfort, strength and direction. We will receive knowledge and witness as we move forward on our course of righteousness. This great gift enables us to keep our feet on the peaceful path, the path of truth. — Linda Sutton, Long Beach, Calif.