New stake presidents

Four new stakes have been created in Argentina, Brazil, Arizona and Utah.

The La Rioja Argentina Stake, which includes the Ambato, Ancasti, Catamarca, La Rioja and Los Incas wards, and the Antartida, La Quebrada, Parque Chacabuco, Universidad and Valle Viejo branches, has been created by Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Seventy.

The Queen Creek Arizona East Stake, which includes the Castlegate, Copper Basin, Ironwood, Johnson Ranch, Rittenhouse, San Tan Heights and Skyline wards, and the Queen Creek (Spanish) Branch, has been created by Elder Henry B. Eyring of the Quorum of the Twelve.

The Sorocaba Brazil Santana Stake, which includes the Carol, Paineiras, Parque das Laranjeiras, Progresso and Santana wards, and the Eden Branch, has been created by Elder Charles Didier of the Presidency of the Seventy.

The Syracuse Utah Bluff Stake, which includes the Canterbury Park, Country Crossing, Homestead, Huckleberry, Meadows and Syracuse 1st wards, and the Bluff (Young Single Adult) Branch, has been created by Elder Lance B. Wickman of the Seventy.

New stake presidents

LA RIOJA ARGENTINA STAKE: (Oct. 17, 2004) Created from the La Rioja Argentina District. President — Hugo Manuel Pavon, 39, division chief and business owner; wife, Gladys Mirta Loza de Pavon. Counselors — Carlos Andres Quintana Godoy, 51, free-lance technical assessor; wife, Margarita Beatriz Sepulveda Zalazar de Quintana. Luis Maria Isidro Valdez, 38, commercial associate manager; wife, Angelica del Valle Ovejero de Valdez.

QUEEN CREEK ARIZONA EAST STAKE: (Oct. 31, 2004) Created from the Queen Creek Arizona Stake. President — Brian Val Solomon, 46, director of construction at Basha's; wife, Michelle Joy Gilliland Solomon. Counselors — Alyn Michael McClure, 56, veterinarian; wife, Brenda Barney McClure. Ernest Roy Lawes, 58, auctioneer; wife, Shari Renee Hansen Lawes.

SOROCABA BRAZIL SANTANA STAKE: (Oct. 17, 2004) Created from the Sorocaba Brazil Stake and the Sorocaba Brazil Trujillo Stake. President — Carlos Alberto de Genaro, 38, business owner; wife, Andreia Espelho Genaro. Counselors — Francisco Carlos Bittencourt Sobreira, 40, manager at High Protection Company; wife, Marta Junot de Maria Sobreira. Ricardo Lopes de Mendona, 32, administrative official for the government of Sao Paulo; wife, Sandra Maria Lopes Sampaio de Mendona.

SYRACUSE UTAH BLUFF STAKE: (Oct. 31, 2004) Created from the Syracuse Utah West Stake. President — David Lawrence Cook Jr., 46, general manager at R.C. Willey; wife, Teresa Mecham Cook. Counselors — Norman David Wilcox, 64, facilities manager for the Church; wife, Joy Wilhelmsen Wilcox. James Kelly Hansen, 53, registered representative of Washington Square Securities Inc.; wife, Sandra Jean Turner Hansen.

Stake reorganizations

ALAJUELA COSTA RICA STAKE: (Oct. 24, 2004) President — Rodolfo Jose Meza Sibaja, 60, professor of geography and history; succeeding Francisco Alfaro Fernandez; wife, Noemy Cambronero Murillo de Meza. Counselors — Marvin de Jesus Brenes Hay, 43, sales representative; wife, Maria Elena Castillo Segura de Brenes. Alejandro Enrique Alfaro Chacon, 35, manager; wife, Diana Maria Mora Villalobos de Alfaro.

COLON PANAMA STAKE: (Oct. 24, 2004) President — Cesar Augusto Ceballos Garcia, 32, electrician; succeeding Eugenio Antonio Rodriguez Jacobs; wife, Elizabeth Esther Sayas de Ceballos. Counselors — Andre Jacobo Baldonado Melbourne, 30, teacher; wife, Vera del Carmen Segura Ortega de Baldonado. Daniel Angel Vega Delgado, 38, taxi driver; wife, Roxana de Gracia Vega.

HUNTINGTON BEACH CALIFORNIA NORTH STAKE: (Oct. 24, 2004) President — Melvin Gerald Markham, 54, dentist; succeeding Robert Marshall Tanner; wife, Susan Alma Wahlen Markham. Counselors — Anderson Lark Washburn, 47, attorney; wife, Delores Lavonne Trembath Washburn. Randy Dallin John, 49, director; wife, Darla Larei Palmer John.

IGUALA MEXICO STAKE: (Oct. 17, 2004) President — Julio Cesar Avalos Rayo, 41, contractor; succeeding Alberto Saucedo Roa; wife, Norma Hernandez Olivares de Avalos. Counselors — Delfino Santamaria Perez, 37, sales representative; wife, Virginia Maxinez Miranda de Santamaria. Jose Antonio Ibarra Trinidad, 33, self-employed; wife, Blanca Lucia Franco Cardenas de Ibarra.

KINGWOOD TEXAS STAKE: (Oct. 24, 2004) President — Allen Lewis Paulsen, 49, systems manager at ExxonMobil; succeeding Robert Paul Mathews; wife, Sara Kaye Taysom Paulsen. Counselors — Ernest Kent Richter, 48, human resources manager at ExxonMobil; wife, Jane Ann VanderStek Richter. James Cecil Banks, 44, executive director of technology at Barbers Hill; wife, Tammy Melin Flowers Banks.

MENAN IDAHO STAKE: (Oct. 17, 2004) President — Alan Charles Batt, 52, president of Batt Construction Inc.; succeeding Myron Irvin Hancock; wife, Mildred Furness Batt. Counselors — Clifford Alden Beesley, 53, senior credit officer at Farm Credit Services; wife, Carol Ann Smith Beesley. Jerald Dallas Raymond, 49, rancher; wife, Cheri Lin Clark Raymond.

MONTERREY MEXICO MORELOS STAKE: (Oct. 24, 2004) President — Jaime Gutierrez Coronado, 43, manager; succeeding Guillermo Ibarra Lucio; wife, Myrna Rebeca Rubalcava Gallegos de Gutierrez. Counselors — Carlos Rafael Merino Dominguez, 49, self-employed; wife, Adriana Ibarra Lucio de Merino. Oscar Javier Tellez Corona, 34, business owner; wife Alejandra Melina Lucio Alvarado de Tellez.