This week in Church history

50 years ago

"Church literature is greatly enriched with the publication this week of the first of a three-volume collection of the sermons and writings of President Joseph Fielding Smith of the Council of the Twelve," reported the Nov. 13, 1954, Church News.

The collection, compiled by Elder Bruce R. McConkie, then a member of the First Council of the Seventy, is the widely known "Doctrines of Salvation."

The article stated, "Considering 'Joseph Fielding Smith the leading gospel scholar and the greatest doctrinal teacher of this generation,' Elder McConkie has put together a most interesting, frank and ofttimes bold collection of gospel quotations from the beloved leader."

Elder McConkie delivered the first copy of the new book to President Smith who was then serving as president of the Quorum of the Twelve and would become president of the Church in 1970.

The article called the book "a memorial to one who still champions the cause of truth and righteousness and whose voice is yet, almost daily, lifted up in a cry of repentance."