Work of prophets best understood in light of time

The mark of a prophet's service is perhaps best understood in the light of time. Each president of the Church has left his mark in ways that continue to guide and bless the Lord's Kingdom on the earth long after he has passed.

To more fully appreciate the inspired work of this dispensation's first 14 prophets, the Deseret Morning News 2005 Church Almanac combines several sources, including material from the Church's web site, to give a comprehensive view of each president's contribution. The information is eye opening. President Gordon B. Hinckley's service, as 15th president, is highlighted in a special full page account.

Read in sequential order, readers will catch a glimpse of the Church in motion — the stone cut without hands — as it gains momentum.

In the upcoming year when many significant historic moments will be commemorated, the 2005 Church Almanac will help readers place the dynamic growth of the Church into a workable perspective.

Teachers in priesthood quorums and auxiliaries will find the information valuable and insightful in helping Church members understand the faithful heritage and purpose of the Church.

Copies are limited, but can be obtained in time for Christmas by contacting Deseret Book.

How to order

The 2005 Church Almanac is available for $10.95, plus shipping, through Deseret Book. Orders can be placed online at:, or by calling toll-free: (800) 453-4532.