‘Other’ President Hinckley counsels stake to know Christ’s healing Spirit

Members of the Salt Lake Bonneville Stake enjoyed the bonus of having an additional "President Hinckley" in their midst Dec. 6.

President Gordon B. Hinckley decided that morning to attend the conference of the stake presided over by one of his sons, Clark B. Hinckley.

"I did not come to speak. I came to listen, and I have been fed, richly and wonderfully and beautifully," the Church president said upon being invited to offer remarks at the conference's conclusion.

He commented on the visit he had on Dec. 2 with the president of Doubleday, which published a new edition of the Book of Mormon. President Hinckley commented on the distribution of this commercial edition of the Book of Mormon.

"It illustrates the remarkable things that are happening to this great Church across the world everywhere. It is alive. It is vibrant. It is moving forward in a remarkable and wonderful way. It was never in better condition than it is today. It was never stronger. The faith of its people was never greater than it is today.

"This is God's holy work, and each of us must come to know that and feel it deep down in our hearts and our souls. I'd like to suggest that when you leave this meeting today, sometime this afternoon, you reflect on all that you have heard this morning and see how it can change your lives. If you are not a better man or a better woman today as a result of having been to this conference, then there has been failure. But if you are a little better, a little stronger, a little more kind, a little more generous and more secure in your faith, then this conference has been a great success."

President Hinckley concluded by expressing a wish for members to "experience this Christmas season the Spirit of our Savior of the world who came with healing in His wings. And how this world needs healing. And each of us likewise needs healing also. Said He: 'Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you' (John 14:27)."

The conference was preceded by a half-hour music program featuring stringed instruments and a choir.