Christmas moments: ‘Angel’ in blue jeans

During Christmas five years ago I met a real "angel," but she was wearing blue jeans. She was about 40 years old. She was very attractive. But none of those things seemed to intrigue me. What intrigued me was the glow of true charity I discerned in her face.

I had had a very crazy few weeks as one often does before Christmas. But I was determined that I would keep the Savior uppermost in my mind. It was with this determination that I headed out to the post office with my own package to mail and my daughter-in-law's packages. She was stressed with the many "to-do things" on her December list. When I had just arrived at the post office, I realized I left my purse at home. But I was undaunted because I had $10 cash.

As I stood in that long Christmas mailing line, the thought occurred to me, "What if they won't take your daughter's check without your driver's license?" I quickly threw that thought out of my mind until I hit the front of the line and saw the big sign that said, "Checks with picture ID only." As I stood before the postal clerk, and heard her say she couldn't take my daughter's check, my heart failed me. How could I go home without having saved her sanity at Christmas?

Then, the "angel" appeared. She had a sweet smile on her face. A divine glow seemed to radiate from her being. She offered to vouch for me, or even pay the tab and let me reimburse her. She stood with me 20 minutes or more while we tried to figure out how to mail someone airline tickets. She magically produced a cell phone for a mailing question to be answered. She was a stranger to me. She paid my bill, knowing that maybe she would never get her money back — but she did it with such graciousness as she said, "Oh, is that all? I expected the bill to be much greater."

I shall never forget that act of charity. It was so important to me, because in her kind act, I experienced the love of the Savior for us all. — Diana R. Hart, Parleys 3rd Ward, Salt Lake Parleys Stake