LDS soldier dies in mid-day attack

An LDS U.S. soldier from Washington died Dec. 21 when an explosion tore through a military mess hall in southwest Mosul, Iraq.

Killed was: Capt. William W. Jacobsen Jr., 31, of Lacey, Wash.

Twenty-one others were killed in the mid-day attack, including four American civilians and four Iraqi security forces. Dozens of others were injured, according to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Capt. Jacobsen is survived by his wife, Riikka Jacobsen, and their four children — William, 8; Sedric, 6; Yonah, 5, and Avalon, 2.

The family belongs to the Lacey 3rd Ward, Lacey Washington Stake.

"Brother Jacobsen is a wonderful young man," said Lacey Washington Stake President Scott Turner, adding he admires Brother and Sister Jacobsen's devotion to their children.

Brother Jacobsen and his wife — a native of Finland — are reportedly returned missionaries. Before his deployment, he was serving as a Primary teacher.

A company commander stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash., Capt. Jacobsen was a skilled leader and "well respected in the military and Church. He's the kind of guy you want for a neighbor," said Lacey 3rd Ward Bishop Eric Coppin.

Bishop Coppin — a veteran himself — said Capt. Jacobsen was a man of high potential. "I can recognize a good military man when I see one."

Capt. Jacobsen is a product of a military family, Bishop Coppin added.

The ward Relief Society and priesthood quorum have offered their support.

Funeral arrangements were pending at press time.