Neighbor brings a real miracle

My husband, Ryan, and I had been home from Kazakhstan — where we adopted Ammon, a 10-month-old baby boy, to join our family of eight children — only a few weeks when a neighbor brought a small, but real, miracle to an average Wednesday morning.

After returning from Kazakhstan and finishing our expenses with our adoption agency, Ryan and I created a budget and promised to stick by it. However, one week we spent our allotted money for groceries by Monday and had to wait until the weekend to spend any more. But Wednesday morning, we used our last bit of formula for Ammon. Knowing that we needed to keep our budget and knowing how difficult it would be to go to the store all by myself with four small boys, I knew I had a problem.

In addition to this predicament, I was already disappointed about the night before. At Church, I saw the mid-week activity advertised and was very excited to participate by making a diaper bag.

I knew that it was impossible to go to the mid-week activity. During the time scheduled I was supposed to drive two different carpools. Of course, I was disappointed, but I told myself not to feel self-pity. My choices had limited my free time and if I was going to serve the Lord I needed to do it with a happy heart. Still, I wanted a cute bag.

Then a sister in the Relief Society knocked on the door with used clothes for my boys. I immediately noticed the bag she was carrying, obviously made during the activity I wanted to attend. Again I wished that I could have had the time and means to make one for myself.

Of course, I was truly grateful for the clothes she gave me. But you can imagine how surprised I was when she gave me the bag as a gift. It was beautiful. But my greatest surprise was still yet to come. When I opened it and discovered three cans of formula inside, I was overwhelmed at the miracle staring me in the face.

She had indeed acted on a spiritual prompting. The Lord knew my heart. With her baby clothes, cute homemade bag, and three cans of formula both my needs and my wants were met during a difficult day. How could this small gift be anything short of a miracle?

More than likely she didn't think twice about this friendly drop-off — an insignificant errand in her busy schedule, but I felt the Lord's power reassuring me that He would meet my needs now and in the days to follow. Yes, He would even provide for some of my wants. The feeling of safety and love stayed in my heart all day. The wonderment of a bag and formula warmed me during the next days of stress and work. — Mei Li Moore is a member of the Chaparral Ward, Gilbert Arizona Higley Stake, where she serves as a Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Specialist.