Living by the scriptures

. . . I will soften the hearts of those to whom you are in debt, that it shall be taken away out of their minds to bring affliction upon you.

And inasmuch as ye are humble and faithful and call upon my name, behold, I will give you the victory. — Doctrine and Covenants 104:81-82

Several years ago our neighbor's son, while jumping on our trampoline, knocked his front teeth out with his knee. We rushed him home to his single mother, and feeling terrible about the misfortune, and knowing they had no medical coverage, offered our homeowners insurance to cover the cost of his dental work. The repair was made and all seemed well, but we were told by the insurance company that they would not cover any more claims relating to the trampoline.

Two years passed. One Sunday night, as our family was preparing for bed, there came a knock at the door. My husband and I were handed a legal document stating our neighbor's intent to sue us for many thousands of dollars for the accident that had occurred two years before. We were devastated. The circumstance was especially frightening to us as my husband had been unemployed for over 14 months. We were afraid we would lose everything we had worked for.

That night, as was the custom in our family, we randomly opened the Standard Works to read a verse of scripture. We turned to Doctrine and Covenants 104:81-82.

Upon reading the verse, one young son said, "I think Heavenly Father is talking to us!" We were filled with a sense of encouragement and optimism. The next morning we wrote the scripture on several pieces of paper and taped them all over the house. Whenever we got worried or nervous about what outcome we faced, we merely reminded each other that the Lord had promised we would be OK.

Five long years passed, but the day finally arrived that our attorney told us the claim had been dismissed; no action had ever been taken. "In an unexplainable way," he said, "it was as though your neighbor just forgot about it!" Indeed, it had simply been "taken out of their minds to bring affliction upon us," just as the Lord had said it would.

This very poignant object lesson, given to our family from the Lord, has been one of the key factors in anchoring our children to the truths the Lord has for us in the scriptures. — Salli Hollenzer, Waunakee, Wis.