Temple moments: ‘He raises us up’

Somehow, in a severe automobile-bus accident in her homeland of Korea, Hee Soon Ho fell beneath a bus, which then ran over her left leg. She was taken to a hospital with several other victims.

There, lying in a hospital bed not knowing if she would live or die, she promised the Lord that if she were to recover, she would become more active in temple work.

After 20 days, she was discharged, which doctors said, considering her injuries, was a miracle. She also accepted the early recovery as a miracle, and immediately set about keeping her promise to the Lord.

The diminutive woman, who was past retirement age, began attending the Seoul Korea Temple regularly. At first this required a one-hour car trip each way from her home to the temple. Because of the expense and hardship for her age, she found this to be too difficult. So she sold her home and moved into a rented apartment near the temple. Here, for the next three years, she attended every day the temple was open.

"Through visiting the temple, a deep thing I have learned is that a gentle and humble person can (feel the Spirit of) the Lord," said Sister Ho.

"Also . . . I feel the spirits of the people I have been performing the ordinance for and . . . the spirits of many of my dead ancestors," she said.

"When we do the Lord's work we don't get tired as much, and if we do, He quickly raises us up and sets us on our feet again."

After completing her goal of doing a stake's worth of endowments, as well as a healthy number of extras, Sister Hee Soon Ho moved to Canada to live with her son and his wife. — Sister Rebecca Farnsworth, Seoul, Korea, public affairs missionary