Strength comes by following Savior

BYU Women’s Leadership Conference prepares students for future roles

PROVO, Utah — As a young woman attending college, Camille Fronk measured her spiritual progression with a check list made from the verses found in Proverbs 31. Today — after a lifetime of experiences and learning — she asked young women at BYU to forget the spiritual checklist.

A "checklist mentality" creates two major problems, she said. First, a person risks the possibility of completing the list and thinking they are perfect — making them judgemental and intolerable. Second, and more likely, a person risks the chance of coming away thinking they are a failure, that they will "never make the grade."

"This is the very substance that makes adult women go to Church on Mother's Day with fear and trembling," she added.

Sister Fronk, a professor of ancient scripture at BYU, offered the keynote address at the BYU Women's Leadership Conference on March 5. Hundreds of women attended the conference, held in the BYU Wilkinson Student Center and titled, "More Precious than Rubies" (Proverbs 31:10-31).

Sponsored by BYU Leadership Education, Women's Services and Resources, and the Department of Student Leadership, the conference was designed to help young women at the university prepare for the different leadership roles they will play throughout their lives.

During her address, Sister Fronk spoke about women and their potential.

She said there is deep meaning, beyond the checklist found in Proverbs 31. When she has a hard time understanding a verse from the scriptures, Sister Fronk said she "looks to find where the Savior is in the account." She found the Savior in verse 25 — "Strength and honor are her clothing."

"What will give her strength? What will give her power? When she is covered by the Lord and His sacrifice," she said.

Speaking of leadership, Sister Fronk told the young women to recognize and accept their assignment, mission and errand from the Lord. "How do we know what the Lord would have us do?" she asked. "Learn all we can. Lean to hear His voice."

Next, she asked them to "recognize the contribution of others who have skills and leadership abilities different from your own."

"Don't get caught up in letting someone tell you what you should do and what you should be. Let the Lord do that."

Sister Fronk also told them to not "expect fame and fortune," but to serve "because you love what you are doing."

"We have been blessed to live in a time when we have so many opportunities as women to lead," she said.

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