Women of light

PROVO, Utah — A woman of light — one who will be a leader — has strength that will enable her to meet life's many challenges, said Carol Clark Ottesen during the BYU Women's Leadership Conference March 5.

Speaking on Proverbs 31:18, Sister Ottesen addressed the topic "Her Candle Goeth Not Out by Night." As women today "keep their light on," she said, they can find a balance between spirituality, self-development and service.

"Although we can't always control what happens, we can learn from it," she said. "Or we can be swept up in the dark."

During her address, Sister Ottesen spoke of three college friends who were faced with infertility, divorce or impending death after leaving BYU. Each, she said, had three things in common that sustained them and their families in times of trial.

  • “All were educated and continued in life to learn and develop their talents,” she said. “We know the glory of God is intelligence.”
  • “All these friends were clear about the source of light and plugged into that source often,” she said. “The Lord expects us, from life’s experience, to grow.”
  • “All three of my classmates reached out to others,” she added. “All were committed to family, community and Church.”

    Following their example "will provide a light for you to overcome anything in your life," she said.