Family history moments: Adding a ‘Twig’

While researching our family tree, I found a twig that added so much. I recently got access to two genealogy-related Web sites on my home computer and started to collect all the census records for all my family that I could find. I started with my Hinkle family records.

William Hinkle and his wife, Ida, had six children listed on the 1900 census in Willow Springs, Ore. Twig was listed as a daughter, age 2, on that census. But when checking the Web sites, I found the family on the 1910 census in Pilot Rock, Ore., clearly stating that Twig was a 13-year-old son. Now, I was totally confused.

Trying to make sense of the mystery, I found Twig on the 1920 census in Pilot Rock, listed as head of the house, age 21, with a wife, Hazel M. Now I knew that Twig was a son. But I had to know more.

On the 1930 census, listed as living next door to his parents, was Twig, with Hazel and their three children. Thus, I had the family fitting nicely together.

I processed all the Hinkle records that I found on my census searches, prepared a temple disc and took it to a family history center in Mesa, Ariz. It was a month before we could do the baptisms for the dead, so I went ahead on another line and tried to get more names ready before the baptism date. Now, with 72 names ready for proxy baptism, I thought about Twig and found that his name was not among them. Why?

I went back to my computer and figured out that Twig was born in 1898 and that I didn't have his death date. I knew it had to be more than 110 years since birth for the TempleReady software to assume that the person was dead and automatically process the name. I had to find Twig's death date.

Eventually, I found it. He was listed as John Twig Hinkle, who died May 6, 1967, in Umatilla, Ore., with wife, Hazel, as a witness. I knew I had the correct record, so I quickly entered the data on my computer. I also found death dates for his twin sons, Walter and Wilber.

On March 5, 2005, seven members of our family met in the Mesa Arizona Temple baptistry to do the work for 75 more of our ancestors. It was great to see seven of us (all named Hinkle) doing this important work. Then our son Scott baptized his brother Kevin for John Twig Hinkle. My husband, Dale, took Twig's name through for his initiatory and endowment work.

That is how we added a "Twig" to our family tree. — Marilyn Chalk Hinkle, Chaparral Ward, Gilbert Arizona San Tan Stake