Living by the scriptures

Behold, now it came to pass that when Jesus had spoken these words he looked round about again on the multitude, and he said unto them: Behold, my time is at hand.

I perceive that ye are weak, that ye cannot understand all my words which I am commanded of the Father to speak unto you at this time.

Therefore, go ye unto your homes, and ponder upon the things which I have said, and ask of the Father, in my name, that ye may understand, and prepare your minds for the morrow, and I come unto you again. — 3 Nephi 17:1-3

This passage of scripture has special personal meaning to me. Years ago, I had begun a practice of arising early in the morning before the rest of the family was awake to spend time studying the scriptures. When I read this passage, its significance struck me with great force.

I was weak and felt I could not fully understand all the words which I had been reading, so as I concluded my study time, I prayed unto the Father in the name of Christ that I might understand, then as I went to prepare for the day and throughout the day, I pondered upon the things I had read and prepared my mind for the next morning's devotional hour. As I showered and looked in the mirror as I was shaving, thoughts of inspiration came into my mind, which filled my heart with joy and impressions of the Spirit. I began to see solutions to problems I had not been able to solve, and I received special insights of what I had been studying.

As I prepared for the morrow and began the new day's devotional time, He came to me again through His Spirit. And over the years, He has come unto me again, and again, and again. — Eugene Findlay, South Jordan, Utah