New stake presidents

Stake reorganizations

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND HARBOUR STAKE: (June 19, 2005) President — Michael Anthony Higgins, 46, area purchasing and travel manager for the Church; succeeding Paul Stewart Reid; wife, Benita Alice Skipps Higgins. Counselors — Peter John Stone, 43, manager at Quality Education; wife, Dorothea Wong Stone. Bradley Ian Crouch, 46, self-employed; wife, Gayna Maia Speke Crouch.

FRUIT HEIGHTS UTAH STAKE: (June 19, 2005) President — David Lee Frischknecht, 49, managing director, curriculum for the Church; succeeding Gerald Jessen Dent; wife, Nancy Hamilton Frischknecht. Counselors — Robert Rufus Jensen, 48, salesman at Blaine Jensen RV; wife, Kathleen Chambers Jensen. Kevin Craig Nielson, 46, product development manager for the Church; wife, Renee Lee Peterson Nielson.

HOOPER UTAH STAKE: (June 19, 2005) President — Matt Dee Malone, 45, engineer at Setpoint; succeeding Robert Michael Steoger; wife, Kathy West Malone. Counselors — Jeffrey Lynn Shulz, 58, owner of Shron Inc.; wife, Lynnette Shulz. Kim Owen Christensen, 49, quality assurance manager at Shaw Naptech, Inc.; wife, RaeAnn Fielding Christensen.

PLEASANTON CALIFORNIA STAKE: (June 26, 2005) President — Kendall James Cooper, 47, managing member of Dominion Ventures; succeeding Arthur Truman Morley Jr.; wife, Christine Callister Cooper. Counselors — Bruce David Bird, 58, service manager of Selway Machine Tool; wife, Marianne Hoybjerg Bird. Paul Donald Larson, 43, president of PD Larson Co., Inc.; wife, Vicki Renae Hemmert Larson.

MEXICO CITY LA PERLA STAKE: (June 19, 2005) President — Enrique Tavera H., 36, inventory manager; succeeding Elias Mejia-Vazquez; wife, Ofelia Torres G. de Tavera. Counselors — Justino Soto R., 44, driver; wife, Maria Angelica Villanueva B. de Soto. Rodolfo Juarez A., 38, supervisor; wife, Margarita Cruz C. de Juarez.