Celebrating ‘Pilgrims, Patriots and Pioneers’

CHELMSFORD, Mass. — Missionaries in the Massachusetts Boston Mission serving in the Lowell Ward, Nashua New Hampshire Stake, joined members on July 2 to honor the town of Chelmsford for a 350th anniversary celebration. The town was founded in May 1655.

Primary children, parents and missionaries participated by decorating a float as part of a three-hour parade. The float featured a Conestoga wagon and carried the theme, "Pilgrims, Patriots and Pioneers."

Missionaries — who speak English, Cambodian and Portuguese — held a banner highlighting the Church's name and preceded the float. "The parade was a good opportunity for people to see us and be able to recognize us as representatives of the Church," said Elder Timothy Kocherhans.

Thousands of onlookers waved and cheered as the float passed along the parade route. Daniela Battezato, Primary president, said, "It was a beautiful experience representing the Church in a historical way. We chose the three P's, 'Pilgrims, Patriots and Pioneers,' as a theme to honor many throughout history." People on the parade route were heard commenting on the theme.

Primary children accompanied the float, waving to crowds and having fun. "Our children really enjoyed dressing up in pioneer clothes and being in the parade," said Stephanie Granger of the Lowell Ward.