Church News: Obituaries

  • Ben Elden Lewis, 91, former executive vice president at BYU, died Oct. 20, 2005, in Provo, Utah. Brother Lewis was the president of the England London Mission from 1979-1982 and a former stake president, regional representative and member of the Sunday School general board, and chairman of the site selection committee for the Provo Utah Temple, as well as fund raising committees for the Provo and Jordan River Utah temples.
  • Andrew O. McArthur
  • , 91, former regional representative in southern Utah, died Oct. 9, 2005, in St. George, Utah. Brother McArthur was also a former stake president and counselor in the St. George Utah Temple presidency.
  • Wayne Millburn McGrath
  • , 68, president of the Missouri St. Louis Mission from 1992-1995, died Oct. 9, 2005, in Mesa, Ariz. Brother McGrath was a former bishop and counselor in the Maricopa Arizona Stake Presidency.
  • ‘Uiha Tu’ikolovatu
  • , 75, former president of the Nuku’alofa Tonga Temple, died Oct. 1, 2005, in Salt Lake City. Brother Tu’ikolovatu was also a former bishop and stake president