New stake presidents

Two new stakes have been created.

Chorley England Stake, which includes the Blackburn, Burnley, Chorley 1st, Chorley 2nd and Rossendale Valley wards, has been created by Elder Gerald N. Lund of the Seventy.

Queen Creek Arizona South Stake, which includes the Brenner Pass, Castlegate, Copper Basin, Creekside, Johnson Ranch, San Tan Heights and Skyline wards, has been created by Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy.

New stakes

CHORLEY ENGLAND STAKE: (Nov. 13, 2005) Created from the Preston England Stake. President — Malcolm Gordon Beverley, 49, lawyer; wife, Linda Anne Coull Beverley. Counselors — Bernard Walsh, 51, assistant temple engineer for the Church; wife, Elizabeth Mary Nee Palmer Walsh. Michael Raymond Turner, 27, general manager and company owner; wife, Angela Diane Turner.

QUEEN CREEK ARIZONA SOUTH STAKE: (Oct. 30, 2005) Created from the Queen Creek Arizona Stake and the Queen Creek Arizona East Stake. President — Ernest Lawes, 59, self-employed; wife, Shari Renee Lawes. Counselors — Kase McKee Rothlisberger, 33, general manager at Pinto Creek Management; wife, Leanne Layton Rothlisberger. Larry Michael Ray, 60, vice president compliance at First Credit Union; wife, Janet Barr Ray.

Stake reorganizations

CAPE GIRARDEAU MISSOURI STAKE: (Nov. 13, 2005) President — Bruce Harvey Shoen, 49, contractor; succeeding William Jennings Burke; wife, Brenda Louise Haertling Schoen. Counselors — John Thomas McMullin, 63, owner and president of John's Pharmacy; wife, Esther Ann McMullin. Blaine Bartholomew, 47, professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine; wife, Brenda Lynn Pfeil Bartholomew.

COLORADO SPRINGS COLORADO EAST STAKE: (Dec. 4, 2005) President — David Keith Muirhead, 47, director of web self-service at Oracle; succeeding Millen Cowley Clawsen; wife, Denore Denison Muirhead. Counselors — Paul Dee Thornley, 59, principal senior engineer at ITT Industries; wife, Bonnie Jean Richardson Thornley. Edwin Brian Griggs, 57, senior principal engineer at Computer Sciences Corp.; wife, Ann Marie Osborne Griggs.

CONCEPCION CHILE ANDALIEN STAKE: (Nov. 13, 2005) President — Hernan David Ferreira P., 37, self-employed; succeeding Juan Armando Urra Gomez; wife, Jacqueline Elizabeth Del Pino C. de Ferreira. Counselors — Eduardo Esteban Larenas E., 41, self-employed; wife, Estela Ester Nunez J. de Larenas. Christian Manuel Olate O., 30, finance manager at Papeles Graficos Andalien; wife, Carolina Marlene Quijada T. de Olate.

CURITIBA BRAZIL IGUACU STAKE: President — Edson Luis do Santos, 47, administrator at Copel Geracao S/A; succeeding Adenilton Cezar D'Avila Xavier; wife, Derly de Fatima Movio dos Santos. Counselors — Fernando Jose Duarte Araujo, 49, Church Education System coordinator; wife, Maria Aparecida Rolim Araujo. Elderson Samways, 38, self-employed; wife, Adriane Gomes da Silva Samways.

ITU BRAZIL STAKE: (Nov. 27, 2005) President — Helio Araujo dos Santos, 43, owner of Grafica Cristal; succeeding Ademir Edson Fernandes; wife, Maryvoni Andrade Silva dos Santos. Counselors — Marcos Domingues da Cruz, 29, systems analyst; wife, Priscila Camargo Till da Cruz. Andrauss Tavares de Almeida, 30, radio frequency engineer at Claro/Siemens; wife, Debora Maria Moyano de Almeida.

LEEDS ENGLAND STAKE: (Nov. 27, 2005) President — Robert Anthony Dryden, 59, business partner; succeeding Bennett John Stanley Steele; wife, Patricia Ann Brearley Dryden. Counselors — Peter Michael Hillary, 50, consultant at Abbey National Bank; wife, Edith Anne Harrison Hillary. James Matthew Whitehead, 34; teacher; wife, Elisabeth Rooney Whitehead.

OLATHE KANSAS STAKE: (Nov. 20, 2005) President — Kendel Sigurd Ross, 48, director of network at Sprint Communications; succeeding Ademir Edson Fernandes; wife, Taleen Wilson Ross. Counselors — David Lynn McMillan, 52, senior vice president of Atlantic Asset Management; wife, Karyn Annie Durham McMillan. Jerry Martin Tietjen, 43, claims supervisor at Farmers Insurance; wife, Laurie Lynn Coon Tietjen.

PONCE PUERTO RICO STAKE: (Nov. 6, 2005) President — Hector Ramon Rivera R., 37, facilities and security director at Hospital San Lucas II; succeeding Rafael Ortiz; wife, Zulmivette Maldonado O. de Rivera. Counselors — Alfred Alicea T., 29, administrative at Ponce Paramedical College, wife, Denise Padro N. de Alicea. Israel Albino O., assistant manager at OfficeMax; wife, Marivid Alvarado de Albino.

PONTA GROSSA BRAZIL STAKE: (Nov. 27, 2005) President — Israelson Samways, 35, self-employed; succeeding Jose Luiz Sauner; wife, Kristy Evelin Augustynczk Samways. Counselors — Ricardo Martins Gaertner, 40, partner and manager at Clinica Ortobiomed; wife, Vanessa Guimaraes Dorado Gaertner. Silvio Pauluk, 32, teacher; wife, Simone Cristina Wosniak Pauluk.

REXBURG IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (Nov. 20, 2005) President — Randall Dee Sutton, 50, self-employed; succeeding Garth Swen Olsen; wife, Laurie Jill Robison Sutton. Counselors — Don Emory Parker, 60, farmer; wife, Patricia Ruth Marcum Parker. Michael Todd Lehman, 42; wife, Patti Marie Morrison Lehman.