Living by the scriptures

And there had been murders, and contentions, and dissensions, and all manner of iniquity among the people of Nephi; nevertheless for the righteous' sake, yea, because of the prayers of the righteous, they were spared. — Alma 62:40

One of the things that has been made very clear to me as a full-time missionary is the power of prayer. So many times, nothing will remedy our needs except saying a heartfelt prayer to ask for strength and comfort that only the Lord can give.

During my personal study one morning when I was about four months into my 18-month mission, I was reading the Book of Mormon. After having had a particularly hard week, I was seeking comfort as an answer to my many prayers. As I was reading through Alma, I came across a verse that talked about the sin among the Nephites. It then went on to say that because of the prayers of the righteous, they were spared.

After reading that phrase, I realized how many prayers were being given on my behalf and on behalf of all the missionaries all over the world. It seems as though the members of the Church pray for the missionaries every chance they get. Prayers are offered for us around the dinner table, at bedsides, at Church, in the temple, and lots of other places too.

Even though I don't fully understand the true power of the prayers of the righteous, I do know that it's real because I felt it that day. I received the comfort that I was seeking and knew in that moment that God was mindful of me. I latched onto the thought and have held onto it ever since as an added source of strength. It's interesting to think about how the answer to my prayers that day was simply knowing about all of your prayers. — Sister Mindy Schmidt, California Carlsbad Mission