Atonement of Christ is the plan of happiness

Speaking of the Atonement of Christ, Elder Earl C. Tingey of the Presidency of the Seventy shared five truths of that "great plan of happiness" that have brought him joy.

"First: A knowledge of the plan confirms that there is a God and He has a Son, Jesus Christ. The Father and the Son are perfect. They live in heaven, and They possess glorified bodies of spirit, flesh, and bone."

These truths were revealed in the Prophet Joseph Smith's First Vision, he said.

"Second: Knowing the identity of the Father and the Son helps us know that all of us are placed on earth to acquire a physical body, gain experience, and prove ourselves worthy to return to our Heavenly Father."

He stated individuals can return by repenting and forsaking sin, making covenants, receiving ordinances and enduring to the end.

"Third: Through the infinite Atonement, God has provided a means whereby we can both overcome our sins and become completely clean again."

The Atonement enables mercy to overcome justice for those who repent, he said.

"Fourth: The Fall of Adam and Eve brought about two deaths. We are all subject to those deaths."

Of physical and spiritual death, Elder Tingey noted, "The power of Christ's Atonement overcame both deaths."

"Fifth: Jesus Christ was born of an earthly mother, Mary. From her, He inherited mortality and became subject to death.

"Joseph was His earthly mentor. God in heaven was His Father. From Him, He inherited immortality, the power to overcome physical death."

Finally, Elder Tingey declared, "Christ's suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane epitomizes the most magnificent of all the attributes of Christ, His perfect love. Here we see that He truly loved all of us."