‘Look for opportunities to bless the youth’

Drawing imagery from the Book of Mormon account of King Benjamin's address, when the Nephites pitched their tents with the doors toward the temple so they could hear him, Elder Ronald A. Rasband asked the priesthood session congregation: "Figuratively speaking, brethren, are the doors of our homes pitched towards the temples we so love? Do we attend as often as we can showing our children through our example the importance of this sacred and special place?"

Elder Rasband of the Presidency of the Seventy noted that a "sad epilogue" to the story is that some who were little children at the time of King Benjamin grew up in disbelief.

"What happened to that rising generation, brethren?" he asked. "Why didn't the young children accept the righteous traditions of their fathers? More importantly, here we are centuries later, in a day of many temples and constant prophetic direction, and what of our rising generation? Do we have reason to be concerned? Certainly we do!"

Church members, leaders of youth, fathers and grand- fathers "need to respond to the call for 'all hands on deck' as it pertains to our youth and single adults," Elder Rasband urged. "We must all look for opportunities to bless the youth, whether or not we are currently closely associated with them. We must continue to teach and fortify fathers and mothers in their divinely declared roles with their children in the home. We must ask ourselves constantly if that sporting event, that extra activity or errand outside the home is more important than families being together at home."