Temple announced

Cebu, Philippines, will be site for sacred edifice

Construction of a new temple in Cebu, Philippines, has been announced by the First Presidency.

The announcement was made by a letter dated April 18 to Philippines priesthood leaders. The new temple will be the second for the Philippines and located in an area that will reduce travel for many of the members in the southern islands. Currently, 122 temples are operating in the Church, and an additional 10, including this one, have been announced for construction.

"We are confident this will be a blessing to the many faithful saints in this and surrounding areas who have had to travel long distances to enjoy the blessings of the temple," the letter stated. "Specific stakes to be included in the temple district will be announced at a later date."

The letter invited members who desire to contribute financially toward the construction of the temple to do so as their circumstances permit.

"In harmony with the spirit of the local unit budget allowance program, priesthood leaders should not conduct fund-raising efforts or establish assessments or goals for this purpose.

"Members who would like to donate should simply indicate 'temple' on the 'other' line of the donation receipt. Wards will then transfer these funds to the nearest Presiding Bishopric Administrative Office on a monthly basis.

"We commend the saints for their devotion and faithfulness and are thankful for the blessings that will come to them through the construction of this new temple."