New stake presidents

A new stake has been created.

Cocody Cote D'Ivoire Stake, which includes the Adjouffou, Cocody, Dokui, Koumassi, Port Bouet and Riveria wards, has been created by Elder Lowell M. Snow of the Seventy.

New stakes

COCODY COTE D'IVOIRE STAKE: (Aug. 26, 2006) Created from the Abobo Cote D'Ivoire and Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire stakes. President Zahui Dominique Dekaye, 49, associate director at MC2000 Management Consulting; wife, Nathalie Brigitte Souhonnon Djedje Dekaye. Counselors — Marc Sahy, 48, self-employed; wife, Akassiba Marie Akegnan Epse Sahy. Ahouzan Jean-Yves Niamkey, 31, main help desk at Cargill; wife, Michelle Bessy Telou Niamkey.

Stake reorganizations

ABOBO COTE D'IVOIRE STAKE: (Aug. 27, 2006) President — Yapo Ayekoue, 44, Church Educational System country director; succeeding Zahui Dominique Dekaye; wife, Koqcaudh Aimee Josiane Amon Ayekoue. Counselors — Sylvain Guillaume Couyemina Onagnelin, 34, agent at the Postal Bureau; wife, Yolande Aya Zago Onagnelin. Yobo Severin Antonin Ignace Niampi, 48, laboratory technician at Nestle Cote D'Ivoire; wife, Ahou Odette Kation Niampi.

ARCADIA CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Aug. 27, 2006) President — Scott Andrew Magnusson, 51, high school principal; succeeding James Robert Corrigan; wife, Kathleen Ruth Harris Magnusson. Counselors — Kent Neely Cornwall, 52, president of Cornwall Associates, Architects; wife, Susan Hodgkinson Cornwall. Walter John Steimle, 42, structural engineer at John A. Martin & Associates; wife, April Haruyo Yamaguchi Steimle.

DRAPER UTAH RIVER VIEW STAKE: (Aug. 27, 2006) President — McKay Oscar Douglas, 52, president and owner of Rocky Mountain Waterproofing; succeeding Craig Eugen Middleton; wife, Ellen Jessie Taylor Douglas. Counselors — Jeffrey Douglas Bagley, 45, creative director at Riester Advertising; wife, Mary Joyce Snow Bagley. Steve Deloy Osborne, 46, sales manager at Kraft/Nabisco; wife, Jodi Morgan Osborne.

UPLAND CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Aug. 20, 2006) President — Rodney Charles Hulet, 48, personal financial adviser; succeeding Dennis Robert Merrick; wife, Connie Allen Hulet. Counselors — Larry W. Burke, owner of Interstate Battery; wife, Chris Marie Frazier Burke. Matthew Karl Pfister, 52, owner of MKP Construction; wife, Kim Eilleen Moses Pfister.

VALENZUELA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Aug. 20, 2006) President — Vicente Tajudar Ortiz, 42, personnel officer at Zion City General Services and Liahona General Services; succeeding Godofredo Hilario Esguerra; wife, Rosanna Licayan Pangilinan Ortiz. Counselors — Danilo Fabian Costales, 43, printer silk-screen sales representative at Ultra -Promo; wife, Johnet Ramos Costales. Fermin Belleza Cacho, 34, teacher in Department of Education; wife, Mary Rose Miranda Maximo Cacho.

WEST JORDAN UTAH OQUIRRH STAKE: (Aug. 20, 2006) President — Troy D. Virgin, 38, Church Educational System principal; succeeding Burton Sargent White; wife, Amy Lyn Yorgason Virgin. Counselors — Daniel George Mills, 35, physical therapist, business owner; wife, Kathleen Marie Boschert Mills. Jason Andrew Davis, 37, Church financial analyst, Temple Department; wife, January Best Davis.

YOPOUGON COTE D'IVOIRE STAKE (Name changed from Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire Stake): (Aug. 20, 2006) President — Marcel Guei, 31, petrolium technician at SIR Refinery; succeeding Toh Philippe Bli Bi; wife, Rosine Marthe Dahigo. Counselors — Koffi Guillaume N'Guessan, 33, agent technician and team leader at SIR Refinery; wife, Elise Tah. Kean Giresse Goue, 31, self-employed; wife, Clarisse Demorielle Goue.