Family history center enlarged in Gunnison

GUNNISON, Utah — One of the busiest family history centers in the Church, the family history center at the Gunnison correctional facility, has been rebuilt. It was rededicated Dec. 1, 2006, by Elder Dan Jones, Area Seventy, of Cedar City.

The larger facility has 19 patron stations, three tutor stations and a volunteer station. It also includes a dozen film and microfiche viewers, scanners and a library of 200 volumes.

Although the Internet is not available to the inmates, the stations are linked to two servers that have a wide number of programs.

In the past year, inmates at Gunnison spent more than 14,000 hours on personal genealogy and more than 4,000 hours helping others. Because of the time they have available, they also have been able to solve long-standing research dead-ends.

They also did name extraction work. The inmates in Gunnison and Draper helped in extracting names from the Freedmen Bank records and the Ellis Island records, and extracted nearly 125,000 names this year.

The family history center opens at 8 a.m. and remains open until 7:40 p.m.