Choir in famous cathedral

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A choir comprised of 36 young adults from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands performed May 18 in the Cathedral of Copenhagen, home of the famed "Christus" statue by Bertel Thorvaldsen.

This is the first choir of Latter-day Saints to perform at Vor Frue Kirke, or Our Lady's Church. At the feet of the original Christus sculpted of flowing marble, the choir presented hymns, which testified to the divinity and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

More than 160 spectators attended the program; many were moved to tears. "It sounded wonderful and harmonic, very peaceful and organized," said Lars Peter, an organist for several churches in Copenhagen. "These songs are not commonly heard by our people. They could use them."

Earlier that day other young adults from Denmark joined the choir in a morning missionary activity. While the choir sang in the town square, full-time missionaries and young adults from the institute Outreach Center handed out missionary "Pass Along cards" to those pausing to listen.

One couple was interested enough to return for the afternoon performance. Following the program, Elder Dirk V. Franz, priesthood adviser to the choir, related a personal experience based on a conversation he had with a couple from Stuttgart.

"'Who are these young people and where are they from,"' they asked? Many were quizzical. They could not be a German, they seemed to say. When I told them more about the choir and the Church, they requested contact information with the choir."

This couple of another faith also attended the Friday evening fireside.

President H. James Williams of the Denmark Copenhagen Mission said, "The members were buoyed up by the performance. They also found it easy to invite their friends of other faiths to the concert. Investigators found the music easy to listen to and were touched by the Spirit."