Leaders greet mayor in friendly setting

SOFIA, Bulgaria — Mayor Penka Armenkova of the central municipality "Oborishte" of the capital city of Sofia met with President Blair Bennett of the Bulgaria Sofia Mission and his wife, Mary Jane Bennett, and humanitarian missionaries Keith and Bonnie Westbroek on July 26.

During the meeting, held in a friendly, amiable atmosphere in a large building where the Bulgaria Sofia Mission office and a meetinghouse are located, President Bennett presented a review of the activities of the Church in Bulgaria. He thanked Mayor Armenkova for the tolerant, cooperative attitude of the city administration.

Mayor Armenkova expressed her satisfaction for the yearslong cooperation between the city and the Church. "Our goals are common," she stressed. "The missionaries, with their personal example of cleaning the park and the gardens in the region and organizing open air concerts and other cultural initiatives, are doing a great job. I often meet missionary couples, talk to them and want to know how they feel. Do they have problems, for instance."

The mayor toured the meetinghouse, saying she was impressed by the strong presence of music and other arts.