Messages of inspiration from President Hinckley

Add to the good of the world

We believe that we are all sons and daughters of God, born with something of a divine birthright; that there is good in us, and that we ought to cultivate and nurture that good and make it evident, and add to the general good of the world. — From interview, Boston Globe, Aug. 14, 2000

Be men and women of goodwill

Carry on! We've got a lot of work to do, a tremendous responsibility. We've barely scratched the surface, when all is said and done. Now, I hope we can be increasingly recognized as men and women of goodwill who want to make of the world a better place for their presence. We need to work harder at this matter of a good relationship with all around us, regardless of their religious affiliation. Here we are surrounded by good people, whom we ought to respect and honor and love. We would hope that they might respect and honor and love us, as we reach out to them. — From interview Deseret News, Feb. 25, 2000

Family circle

There is love and honor and respect in the family circle. There is no generation gap among such people. This is the result of Church teaching and Church family programs. — From National Press Club, March 8, 2000

Fathers and mothers

Fathers and mothers, be good to one another; be kind to one another; be respectful of one another; and be kind towards your children. You don't have to beat them. You don't have to be mean and cross with them. Just love them and be patient and kindly, and they will grow up with love in their hearts for their dear father and mother. — From member meeting, Guayaquil, Ecuador, July 31, 1999

Miracle of leadership

No man could carry a day job and also preside over a congregation as a bishop if he had to do it all alone, but he has so many wonderful helpers who work with him. He serves for a period of years, then he is released and someone takes his place. There is a miracle in that. There is leadership. That is the way you develop leaders. You do not develop leaders by putting their arm in a sling. You develop leaders by giving them things to do. — From interview, Norte newspaper, April 27, 2002


Now, if you have stepped over the line and slipped along the way, don't give up hope. There is hope for you. There is repentance. And there is forgiveness. That process begins with prayer. Share your burden with God. Share your burden with your parents, if you can. And counsel with a priesthood leader, if you should. You will pay a price if you have slipped, but if you are willing to repent, there can be a good life ahead.

Be clean in every way. Some day you will meet the man or woman of your dreams. Be clean for the sake of your future companion. Be clean for the sake of your posterity. Be clean for the sake of your self-respect. — From New Year's Eve Fireside for Youth, Dec. 31, 2006