This week in Church history

25 years ago

President Gordon B. Hinckley broke ground for the Dallas Texas Temple, the first temple in that state, on Jan. 22, 1983.

President Hinckley, then second counselor in the First Presidency, stated: "Of all the large, costly buildings in Texas, none is as important as the temple about to be started," according to the Jan. 30, 1983, Church News.

It then quoted President Hinckley: "I feel today in this great state, and all this vast territory, there is no building of such tremendous significance as will be the building we begin this day. There is something transcendently wonderful about a temple."

He added, "I frequently think of the fact that if nothing more came of the Restoration of the gospel than the priesthood under which the perpetuity of the family is made secure … then all the terrible costs associated with the Restoration of the gospel would have been cheap indeed in terms of the blessings to be derived."

The Dallas Texas Temple was dedicated Oct. 19-24, 1984, and has since been joined in the state by temples in Houston, Lubbock and San Antonio, all dedicated by President Hinckley.