This week in Church history

100 years ago

Promises made to God or men should be faithfully kept, Elder Hyrum M. Smith said while speaking at the Pioneer Stake Conference in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on Jan. 26, 1908.

Elder Smith of the Quorum of the Twelve and son of President Joseph F. Smith said, according to the Feb. 8, 1908, Deseret News: "Before entering into a covenant or promise, we should take thought before hand. We should weigh carefully the import of the promise we are about to make and the possibility of our keeping it. We should not enter thoughtlessly and hastily into sacred promises either with God or man, but it should be done after due deliberation. Then, when it is done we should have a determination that so far as we are concerned that promise shall be sacredly and faithfully kept, so that neither the Lord nor any man shall have occasion to accuse us of violating our word."

He said that members of the Church were known for keeping their promises in the business and financial world.

Then he added: "We have tried to keep ourselves in this condition. It adds to our prestige, it exalts us in the eyes of our fellow men — not unduly so but consistently because any man or set of men who keep their pledges and their promises, pay their obligations, and fulfill their duties are bound to be honored and exalted in the opinions of men with whom they do business."