PEF enrollment unites couples

Kamugalo Welcome Mnisi feels doubly blessed by the Perpetual Education Fund. Not only did he receive a $2,700 loan, but he also found his eternal companion, Calli, while participating in the program. The two newlyweds are members of the Daveyton Ward, Benoni South Africa Stake, and are finishing their last months of training, she as an administrative assistant and he as a computer technician. There are more than a dozen other couples in the Benoni stake with similar stories.

Elder Lloyd Hansen, director of operations for the fund, said South Africa has a fairly booming economy, yet "there is somewhat of a shortage of skilled laborers (and) people with hard technical skills like accounting." He said, "Just a little bit of education can make a huge difference."

Elder Hansen said more than 80 percent of PEF participants in that area become employed. While serving as a PEF missionary in the South Africa South East Area, he met Brother Mnisi and remembers how grateful he was for the program. He said Brother Mnisi expressed his optimism for the future by saying he was grateful that his "children are not going to need PEF."