Celebrate adoption: ‘One miracle at a time’

‘I love the idea of adoption,’ says general Relief Society counselor


After two days of workshops and panel discussions, participants of the Families Supporting Adoption National Conference, held at the Davis Conference Center Aug. 8-9, walked away informed, strengthened and comforted.

Families Supporting Adoption, an organization sponsored by LDS Family Services formed to advocate positive views of adoption, sponsored the weekend conference, "One Miracle at a Time," bringing many people together via satellite broadcast to 12 locations throughout the United States and Canada.

"I've seen the blessings that come into the lives of young parents who place their babies in adoption," said Barbara Thompson, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency and keynote speaker of the conference. "I love the idea of adoption. I think of the many wonderful parents who want to provide a loving, kind, helpful home for (the children)."

The conference was held to celebrate the process of adoption, as well as to inform those involved, including workshops for parents wanting to adopt, parents who have already adopted and a panel of birth mothers, each of whom has placed a child for adoption.

"What a wonderful decision they make to be able to give this child to you to raise," Sister Thompson said. "What a beautiful blessing, what beautiful compassion and unselfishness."

Sister Thompson talked of the benefits all involved receive because of the adoption process.

"I am so pleased that loving parents have the opportunity to have these children in their home, to give them opportunities for growth and learning and teach them the gospel," she said. "To help them get to the point where they can be sealed in the Holy Temple to be raised to love God, to serve God. I am so thankful for that."

Although adoption is a wonderful process, there are some difficult aspects of the process as well. Sister Thompson encouraged those who are waiting for a child, or experiencing some other crisis in their lives, to stop asking why certain things happen or don't happen; rather, rely on the Savior and let their minds be calm.

"Whatever our status in life, our marital status, our parental status, our educational status, our financial status, whatever," Sister Thompson said. "The only thing truly important is our personal worthiness before God, and that we are keeping our covenants we have made with Him."

Further, she said, "Remember Church attendance. Remember Church service or just service in general. These are the things that make our lives filled, whatever our circumstance may be. These are the things that will bring strength, love, happiness and peace to our hearts."

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