Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Quorum of the Twelve

"We live in the perilous times prophesied by the Apostle Paul. Those who try to walk the straight and narrow path see inviting detours on every hand. We can be distracted, degraded, downhearted or depressed."

The ordinance of the sacrament is designed to keep members "unspotted from the world." It makes sacrament meetings most sacred and important. While many congregations in the church receive the emblems of the sacrament in quiet reverence, "I sense that some in the rising generation and even some adults have not yet come to understand the significance of this meeting and the importance of individual reverence and worship."

Members should prepare themselves for the sacrament by cultivating a "broken heart and a contrite spirit." Appropriate dress (especially for the priesthood holders who participate) and a worshipful attitude increase the spiritual experience. The use of cell phones or texting others are obvious violations of the covenant being made.

"When we join in the solemnity that should always accompany the ordinance … we are qualified for the companionship and revelation of the spirit. This is the way we get direction for our lives and peace along the way."