This week in Church history

50 years ago

Elder Spencer W. Kimball of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles presided at the California Mission conference held the first week of January 1959 in Los Angeles, Calif.

During the conference, statistics within the mission for the year 1958 were given, showing unusual progress in the missionary efforts.

There were a reported 2,016 converts in the California Mission for the year and a reported 57,137 copies of the Book of Mormon distributed by the missionaries. At the time, the California Mission averaged 245 missionaries serving throughout the year.

In his talk to the missionaries, Elder Kimball encouraged greater diligence in the work and continued strict observance in gospel principles.

Jesse A. Udall, president of the California Mission, commended the missionaries for achieving a record year in 1958 and referred to former mission president Henry D. Taylor as a reason for the success. He also encouraged every missionary to live up to his full potential so that 1959 would be an even greater year than 1958.

As part of the conference, missionaries participated in a special chapel service in the temple, temple session, testimony meeting, proselytizing workshop and a day of recreation.