Family getaway: “We come to every general conference”

Limhi and Leah Sandoval were on the grounds of Temple Square Sunday listening to the morning session of general conference, their 2-year-old son Christian in a stroller, snug and asleep under blankets.

“We come to every general conference,” said Brother Sandoval, mission leader in the El Paso 4th Ward, El Paso Texas Stake.

“We make it our little family getaway twice a year,” added Sister Sandoval, second counselor in her ward Relief Society presidency.

“I’m very impressed about how the General Authorities are touching on points that many of us are concerned about just now,” Sister Sandoval remarked, “the financial standing of us as a community, as a world, not just as members but how to help our neighbors. They are reminding us of things we’ve been told by previous prophets: to prepare, and if we’re prepared, we can help others.”

Brother Sandoval said he was impressed with the counsel about sharing the gospel message with others while, at the same time, respecting their beliefs.

“We should recognize that there is good in everybody,” he said, “that Heavenly Father answers prayers also of those who have a certain portion of the truth. It’s good to know our leaders see that, because when we mingle with our friends and neighbors, we know they are good people. Unfortunately, they don’t share what we believe, but our leaders guide us to say, ‘Hey, it’s OK to accept them and learn from them as well.’

“It’s good that they are touching on very important, realistic points of our daily lives.”