Prioritize pursuits, Sister Beck says

Women must prioritize their energy and pursuits as they seek the counsel of the Lord, said Sister Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president, during Women’s Conference at BYU on April 29.

“I feel a great urgency for the daughters of God to do all they need to do to strengthen and lift — not just themselves, their families, sisters who are in their wards — but also the world,” Sister Beck said. “I feel that the sisters in this church who know and understand their covenants will be a significant force in helping this world which seems to have lost its moral moorings.”

During her address Sister Beck focused on choosing to serve the Lord, what responsibilities are required within the House of Israel and how individuals can achieve those responsibilities as they walk with the Lord.

Referencing the Old Testament, Sister Beck spoke of Rebekah’s role and responsibility in the House of Israel.

The crowd watches a video at the conclusion of the BYU Women's Conference at the Marriott Center in Provo Friday, April 30, 2010.
The crowd watches a video at the conclusion of the BYU Women’s Conference at the Marriott Center in Provo Friday, April 30, 2010. Credit: Jason Olson, Deseret News

“Each of us in our day is as important to our generation and our time as Rebekah was in her time,” Sister Beck said. “We each are pivotal in our families. The success of the House of Israel is now dependent on millions of Rebekahs who understand what their place and mission is on the earth. … When we choose our mission we have power and influence in that house and in the Lord’s work and He is depending on us.”

Using the example of a lioness at the gate, Sister Beck spoke of the role of women in the home and the importance of the Lord’s power that comes to individuals as they receive personal revelation. She also spoke of the need to prioritize the essential, necessary and nice-to-do things in life, urging sisters to focus most on the essentials.

“We have to know what our responsibilities are and how to fulfill those,” Sister Beck said. “We know that as women of God, this is a time that we need an increase of faith and personal righteousness.”

Temple attendance, prayer, daily scripture study, making and keeping covenants, missionary work, visiting teaching and service are some of the essentials Sister Beck shared.

Although the nice-to-do things add variety and light to life, they are not the things that save, Sister Beck said. “Remember, influence and power come when we prioritize correctly.”

As sisters focus on personal revelation and prioritizing their lives, they are more able to move the Lord’s work forward, Sister Beck said.

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