Book of Mormon: 150 million copies

Book of Mormon printing hits record number

As the Church grows, so does the publishing of the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. The 150 millionth copy of the Book of Mormon was recently printed, passing another milestone in the book’s 181-year history.

“The Lord brought forth the Book of Mormon at a period of time when printing methods would enhance its distribution far and wide,” Church President Thomas S. Monson said in the Special Witnesses of Christ video. “Modern-day printing presses now enable the Church to print and distribute many millions of copies of the Book of Mormon each year.”

To date, the Book of Mormon has been fully translated into 82 languages and partially translated in 25 more.

The Book of Mormon was first published in English in 1830 in Palmyra, New York.

In 2003, Book magazine named the Book of Mormon one of the “20 Books That Changed America.” In October 2007, late Church President Gordon B. Hinckley described its modern influence: “Through all of these years critics have tried to explain it. They have spoken against it. They have ridiculed it. But it has outlived them all, and its influence today is greater than at any time in its history.”

In addition to the 150 million copies of the Book of Mormon in print, the Church also makes the volume available on its official website in a format that facilitates a study of the book and in applications for handheld devices.