BYU-Hawaii devotional: Move forward in faith


Elder Brent H. Nielson of the First Quorum of the Seventy and first counselor in the Philippines Area Presidency spoke to BYU-Hawaii students in a devotional May 24, encouraging them about not getting stuck in the “roundabouts” of life.

Elder Nielson likened the roundabouts common at New Zealand intersections to the decisions in our daily life that cause members to get “stuck” and makes it hard for them to see what path they should take. He described five different “roundabouts” that members often find themselves trapped in.

The first roundabout is when they forget who they are and what Elder Nielson said was their “failure to understand their divine identity.”

Elder Nielson said, “In all of your learning, understand that the most brilliant minds of our day are only discovering and inventing what God already knows and has created.”

He went on to explain that throughout all of God’s knowledge, and all that He has power over, He created man as His most prized and divine creation. He reminded students that even though man has achieved great and magnificent inventions, they should not to fall into thinking that there is no longer a need for God. He emphasized that everything surrounding them constantly testifies of God including our own existence.

The second roundabout he described is the “roundabout of sin.” He encouraged the assembly to overcome sin and move forward with faith in Christ. He explained that in order to do this, they must do the things the Savior has done and submit their own will to His.

“The Savior does not want us to sit trapped by our sins,” Elder Nielson said. “When we do that we miss the indescribable joy and happiness that the Atonement can bring to us.”

The third roundabout he covered was the decision to serve a honorable full-time mission. He stressed that missions serve to change and help the lives of others, as well as the lives of the missionaries. Using his own experience, he told members how in his own mission to Finland, he became one of the converts and learned for himself that the Church was true.

He testified that the Lord will send missionaries to missions that are specifically tailored for them where they can learn and develop the skill necessary to become a good husband, wife, parent, and an “outstanding member of the Church.”

Elder Nielson said, “The Lord needs you on a mission, but perhaps even more important you need a mission for yourself.”

The fourth roundabout he mentioned was marriage and how many young single adults find themselves trapped by a world that encourages young them to get their education before they marry. He stressed that these ideas are not God’s and that it is within marriage that happiness is found. He said members must not let education or other worldly pursuits come before the marriage step.

The fifth and final roundabout that he spoke on was deciding upon one’s future occupation and education. He encouraged the students to simply find something that interests them and move forward in faith. He promised that as this is done, even though they might not end up in the same department they started in, as they move forward in faith new doors will open, and opportunities will present themselves.

He closed by reminding members of the audience that if they follow the commandments, the Lord is bound to bless them and help them in anyway He can. He said if they want the help of the Lord, they simply need to keep His commandments and move forward in faith.

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