New stake presidents

Two new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Layton Utah South Stake. The Layton Utah Legacy Stake, which includes the Evans Meadow, Feathering Sands, Layton 2nd, Meadow Green, Sand Springs and West Layton wards, was created by Elder Christoffel Golden Jr. of the Seventy.

The Riverton Utah YSA Stake, which includes the Bluffdale YSA, Country Park YSA, Daybreak YSA, Fort Herriman YSA, Glenmoor YSA, Herriman YSA, Parkway YSA, River YSA, Riverton YSA 1st, Riverton YSA 2nd and South Jordan YSA 11th wards, was created by Elder David F. Evans of the Seventy.

New stakes

LAYTON UTAH LEGACY STAKE: (April 17, 2011) President — Daren Gayle Stevenson, 55, logistics coordinator; wife, Deborah Kina Maxfield Stevenson. Counselors — Mitchell Kent Pendleton, 47, chief executive officer; wife, Lauri Arrington Pendleton. Spencer James Brown, 36, vice president of client services; wife, Wendy Marie Holt Brown.

RIVERTON UTAH YSA STAKE: (May 1, 2011) President — Walter J. Plumb III, 65, real estate developer; wife, Peggy Sonntag Plumb. Counselors — Ronald Scott Forsyth, 52, institute director for the Church Educational System; wife, Teri Lynn Janss Forsyth. Gaylen Lynn Briggs, 52, vice president of sales and marketing; wife, Sherie Ann Jacobsen Briggs.

Stake reorganizations

PENSACOLA FLORIDA STAKE: (April 24, 2011) President — Kevin W. Curtis, 48, quality assurance manager; succeeding Mark H. Daniels; wife, Shauna Lee Fitzpatrick Curtis. Counselors — Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, 54, senior research scientist; wife, Kathleen Marie Peterson Bradshaw. Eric Joseph Tindall, 39, program analyst; wife, Elizabeth Ann Walke Tindall.

POCATELLO IDAHO YSA 2ND STAKE: (April 24, 2011) President — William B. McNabb, 52, owner of McNabb Grain & Trucking; succeeding Kent M. Tingey; wife, Lisa Seppi McNabb. Counselors — Kelly J. Laga, 52, institute teacher for the Church Educational System; wife, Deborah Jean Chandler Laga. Bill Green, 58, self-employed; wife, Sandy Tubbs Green.

PRINCE GEORGE BRITISH COLUMBIA STAKE: (May 1, 2011) President — Eugene Kenneth Marks, 48, principal/director of instruction; succeeding John F. Young; wife, Kathleen Elizabeth Dancause Marks. Counselors — John Randall Gwilliam, 54, self-employed; wife, Lily Ann Gulbranson Gwilliam. Darcy George Dyck, 54, financial adviser; wife, Carolyn Rooks Dyck.

REDLANDS CALIFORNIA STAKE: (April 17, 2011) President — Michael Wayne Strong, 37, vice president of administrative services; succeeding Daryl H. Carlson; wife, Amy Louise Allred Strong. Counselors — Mark Alan Richey, 53, ophthalmologist; wife, Kristin H. Linebarger Richey. Bradley G. Williams, 57, plant manager; wife, Carolyn Claire Schofield Williams.

RIO CUARTO ARGENTINA STAKE: (Feb. 20, 2011) President — Santiago Adrián Farias, 37, field assistant for the Church; succeeding Walter Antonio Ibañez; wife, Maria Alejandra Morales. Counselors — Juan Marcelo Farias, 38, building supervisor and clerk; wife, Ruth Silvana Duarte Farias. Franco David Lerda, 29, businessman; wife, Eliana Solange Vergés.

SALT LAKE MONUMENT PARK NORTH STAKE: (May 1, 2011) President — Jeffrey K. Wetzel, 52, self-employed; succeeding Stanley C. Omer; wife, Marian Adelaide Warner Wetzel. Counselors — Kevin Robert Anderson, 45, president of Diacor; wife, Elizabeth Boyden Anderson. Preston Nibley Richards, 55, anesthesiologist; wife, Elizabeth Cook Richards.

SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA CAMELBACK STAKE: (April 17, 2011) President — Lowell Richard Williams, 52, partner in Beus, Gilbert PLLC; succeeding Robert O. Deaton; wife, Sharon Cook Williams. Counselors — Nathan Todd Nelson, 54, senior broker sales representative; wife, Deltha Josephine Gowers Nelson. Raymond Thomas Cashen, 51, president of Cashen Realty Advisers; wife, Charlene Kay Harman Cashen.