Young Women: Personal Progress is making a difference

Youth are serving others, preparing for the temple

It has been a year and a half since the new Personal Progress materials were approved and printed. There has been an overwhelming response from young women, their mothers, their leaders and mentors. We are seeing young women wearing the new medallion as well as the Honor Bee. What does this mean? It means that young women are incorporating patterns of private religious behavior into their lives, serving others and strengthening their own families while preparing to be worthy to go to the temple. They are working in books and online; in fact, in one week the Personal Progress website had over 47,000 visitors. We wish to thank the Young Women leaders, parents and priesthood leaders for this outpouring of enthusiasm and support. And the young women are benefiting!

We hear many wonderful things from young women about their work in Personal Progress and how it is blessing their lives. We thought we would gather them all into one letter to a Young Women presidency so you can understand the impact you have through Personal Progress. As you read, picture a young woman you know and love and think of ways you can encourage her on the path to the temple.

Sister Elaine S. Dalton, young women general president, promotes tools used by the Church for recognition of LDS teens.
Sister Elaine S. Dalton, young women general president, promotes tools used by the Church for recognition of LDS teens.

Dear Young Women general presidency,

Today, I am beginning my Personal Progress online. I am so excited! I can already see that Personal Progress is happening all the time in my life and there are lots of things that I do each day that help me progress. In the past, I didn’t think of those things as Personal Progress. I always have my laptop with me for school and now I will be able to write down the things I am doing each day and give myself credit in Personal Progress. I can easily keep my leaders and my parents informed of the things I am doing with just a click of the mouse! That is great because I won’t forget or have to leave a message and wait. Personal Progress is more fun for me as I record my feelings about scriptures I am reading in the online journal. I hope that I can keep such a good journal that I will also be able to use it when I finish Personal Progress and mentor another young woman with her Personal Progress. In a couple of years, I will be able to mentor my little sister who will become a beehive.

My mother is also doing Personal Progress with me. The best thing about this is the one-on-one time I spend with my mother. She’s not that good on the computer so she still uses her Personal Progress book. I am helping her learn and we are having a great time together. This is incredible because my mother is a convert to the Church and she never had the opportunity to participate in the Young Women program. I especially love sharing with her what I am doing and also learning what she is doing. She works so hard and now I realize it more and am able to thank her for all that she is doing. Another thing that really helps me is talking to my mother about the scriptures we are reading together. I think both of our testimonies are growing as we do this. We are working on the virtue value right now and it is really special. We have started on the virtue value project because it is going to take a long time. We are reading the Book of Mormon together! Even though we are only in 1st Nephi, our relationship has been strengthened as we have read together. There is such a spirit that accompanies the Book of Mormon. It is also amazing to me to learn about how important virtue is in keeping families strong. In the Book of Mormon, that is very clear from the very beginning. As we read, I record online my feelings about the Book of Mormon. I know that when I finish, I will have a precious record of this experience.

I like how easy it is to navigate the Personal Progress website. I especially like using the hot links when reading the scriptures. I am marking my set of scriptures, but it makes it so much easier to find the scriptures and to think about them when I don’t have my scriptures with me after school or when I am waiting somewhere. Now Personal Progress is with me all the time. I am planning to print out all my journal entries and have them bound into a book when I finish. I hope to have this record to share with my future family someday. I am excited about that and it will be fun to look back when I have a daughter who is a young woman and share with her what I was experiencing and feeling.

Thank you for making Personal Progress so fun and so easy to do online! This is the world in which I live and it is very relevant for me. I hope to finish and earn a lot of Honor Bees by mentoring other young women, learning to serve and reading the Book of Mormon again. Maybe if I am diligent, I can read it six times while I am in Young Women!

Each young woman is blessed as she works in Personal Progress. Each finds strength as she works with mothers, leaders, and others to achieve her medallion. You may not notice the impact as you work day-by-day and one-by-one, but when we gather all of these blessings together we catch a glimpse of the impact of this inspired program for young women, families and the Church.

Thank you parents and leaders for your support and love of these precious daughters of our Heavenly Father. You are doing an amazing job with this incredible generation of future mothers and influencers. We love you!